Updating XAML Release Builds after Upgrading Release Management Legacy from 2013 to 2015

You need to get onto the new Release Management (the web-based one) in VSTS or TFS 2015 Update 2. The new version is far superior to the old version for numerous reasons – it uses the new Team Build cross-platform agent, has a much simpler UI for designing releases, has better logging etc. etc.

Continuous Deployment of Service Fabric Apps using VSTS (or TFS)

Azure’s Service Fabric is breathtaking – the platform allows you to create truly “born in the cloud” apps that can really scale. The platform takes care of the plumbing for you so that you can concentrate on business value in your apps. If you’re looking to create cloud apps, then make sure you take some time to investigate Service Fabric.

Config Per Environment vs Tokenization in Release Management

In my previous post I experimented with WebDeploy to Azure websites. My issue with the out-of-the-box Azure Web App Deploy task is that you can specify the WebDeploy zip file, but you can’t specify any environment variables other than connection strings. I showed you how to tokenize your configuration and then use some PowerShell to get values defined in the Release to replace the tokens at deploy time. However, the solution still felt like it needed some more work.

Docker DevOps

Recently I attended the MVP Summit in Redmond. This is an annual event where MVPs from around the world converge on Microsoft to meet with each other and various product teams. It’s a highlight of the year (and one of the best benefits of being an MVP).

Continuous Deployment with Docker and Build vNext

I really like the idea of Docker. If you’re unfamiliar with Docker, then I highly recommend Nigel Poulton’s Docker Deep Dive course on Pluralsight. Containers have been around for quite a while in the Linux world, but Microsoft is jumping on the bandwagon with Windows Server Containers too. This means that getting to grips with containers is a good idea – I think it’s the way of the future.


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