Easy Config Management when Deploying Azure Web Apps from VSTS

A good DevOps pipeline should utilize the principle of build once, deploy many times. In fact, I’d go so far as to say it’s essential for a good DevOps pipeline. That means that you have to have a way to manage your configuration in such a way that the package coming out of the build process is tokenized somehow so that when you release to different environments you can inject environment-specific values. Easier said that done – until now.

Running Selenium Tests in Docker using VSTS Release Management

The other day I was doing a POC to run some Selenium tests in a Release. I came across some Selenium docker images that I thought would be perfect – you can spin up a Selenium grid (or hub) container and then join as many node containers as you want to (the node container is where the tests will actually run). The really cool thing about the node containers is that the container is configured with a browser (there are images for Chrome and Firefox) meaning you don’t have to install and configure a browser or manually run Selenium to join the grid. Just fire up a couple containers and you’re ready to test!

DevOps Drives Better Architecture–Part 2 of 2

In part 1 I introduced some thoughts as to how good architecture makes DevOps easier. And how good DevOps drives better architecture – a symbiotic relationship. I discussed how good source control structure, branching strategies, loosely coupled architectures and package management can make DevOps easier. In this post I’ll share some thoughts along the same lines for infrastructure as code, database design and management, monitoring and test automation.

Managing Config for .NET Core Web App Deployments with Tokenizer and ReplaceTokens Tasks

Last week I posted an end-to-end walkthrough about how to build and deploy web apps using Team Build and Release Management – including config management. The post certainly helps you if you’re on the .NET 4.x Framework – but what about deploying .NET Core apps?

End to End Walkthrough: Deploying Web Applications Using Team Build and Release Management

I’ve posted previously about deploying web applications using Team Build and Release Management (see Config Per Environment vs Tokenization in Release Management and WebDeploy, Configs and Web Release Management). However, reviewing those posts recently at customers I’ve been working with, I’ve realized that these posts are a little outdated, you need pieces of both to form a full picture and the scripts that I wrote for those posts are now encapsulated in Tasks in my marketplace extension. So in this post I’m going to do a complete end-to-end walkthrough of deploying web applications using Team Build and Release Management. I’ll be including handling configs – arguably the hardest part of the whole process.


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