Aurelia – Debugging from within Visual Studio

In my last couple of posts I’ve spoken about the amazing Javascript framework, Aurelia, that I’ve been coding in. Visual Studio is my IDE of choice – not only because I’m used to it but because it’s just a brilliant editor – even for Javascript, Html and other web technologies. If you’re using VS for web development, make sure that you install Web Essentials – as the name implies, it’s essential!

Reflections on DSC for Release Management

A couple of months ago I did a series of posts (this one has the summary of all my RM/DSC posts) about using PowerShell DSC in Release Management. I set out to see if I could create a DSC script that RM could invoke that would prep the environment and install the application. I managed to get it going, but never felt particularly good about the final solution – it always felt a little bit hacky. Not the entire solution per se – really just the application bit.

Using WebDeploy in vNext Releases

A few months ago Release Management (RM) Update 3 preview was released. One of the big features in that release was the ability to deploy without agents using PowerShell DSC. Once I saw this feature, I started a journey to see how far I could take deployments using this amazing technology. I had to learn how DSC worked, and from there I had to figure out how to use DSC with RM! The ride was a bit rocky at first, but I feel comfortable with what I am able to do using RM with PowerShell DSC.


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