Serverless Parallel Selenium Grid Testing with VSTS and Azure Container Instances

I’ve written before about Selenium testing (Parallel Testing in a Selenium Grid with VSTS and Running Selenium Tests in Docker using VSTS and Release Management). The problem with these solutions, however, is that you need a VM! However, I was setting up a demo last week and decided to try to solve this challenge using Azure Container Instances (ACI), and I have a neat solution.

Terraform all the Things with VSTS

I’ve done a fair amount of ARM template authoring. It’s not as bad as XML, but the JSON can get laborious. A number of my colleagues use Terraform templates and I was recently on a project that was using these templates. I quickly did a couple PluralSight Terraform classes to get up to speed and then started hacking away. In this post I’ll jot down a couple thoughts about how we structure Terraform projects and how to deploy them using VSTS. The source code for this post is on Github.

Managing Credentials and Secrets in VSTS Release Management

Releases almost always require some kind of credentials - from service credentials to database usernames and passwords. There are a number of ways to manage credentials in VSTS release management. In this post I’ll look at a couple of common techniques. For brevity, I’m going to refer to secrets as a proxy for secrets and credentials.


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