Serverless Parallel Selenium Grid Testing with VSTS and Azure Container Instances

I’ve written before about Selenium testing (Parallel Testing in a Selenium Grid with VSTS and Running Selenium Tests in Docker using VSTS and Release Management). The problem with these solutions, however, is that you need a VM! However, I was setting up a demo last week and decided to try to solve this challenge using Azure Container Instances (ACI), and I have a neat solution.

Terraform all the Things with VSTS

I’ve done a fair amount of ARM template authoring. It’s not as bad as XML, but the JSON can get laborious. A number of my colleagues use Terraform templates and I was recently on a project that was using these templates. I quickly did a couple PluralSight Terraform classes to get up to speed and then started hacking away. In this post I’ll jot down a couple thoughts about how we structure Terraform projects and how to deploy them using VSTS. The source code for this post is on Github.


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