Lab Management: Use Database Backups During Deployment for Repeatable Automated Tests

I was at a customer recently who have a small test database – around 120MB in size. I had encouraged them to use the DB Professional tools in VS 2010 to track their schema – that way they could deploy the database (as well as the latest schema) and some test data (through INSERT statements or even better, data generation plans). However, their developers didn’t have the time or skills (yet) to do this.

Automating Office Tasks in a TeamBuild

I was working on a TeamBuild that doesn’t compile code – this build checks out a number of MS Word documents from source control, converts them to PDF and then uses PDFSharp to merge them all into one PDF document. I started with the DefaultTemplate.xaml and ripped out the compile / test tasks. I then created a Powershell script that would do the heavy lifting. So all the build does is check out the doc files in the workspace, invoke the powershell script and then copy the final file to the drop folder. Seems pretty simple, right?


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