Extending Hybrid Lab Workflow Virtual Hosts

In an earlier post I talked about my Hybrid Lab Workflow – this workflow allows you to do a Build-Deploy-Test workflow against a TFS 2012 Standard Environment, and as long as the environment is composed of VMs and you’re able to connect to the VM Host, then you can apply pre-deployment snapshots and take post-deployment snapshots. I also blogged about the “nastiness” of PsKill and PsExec for getting the Lab into a workable state after snapshots were applied. In this post I’ll talk about how you could use exactly the same workflow for another Virtual Host – say VMWare or something else.

TechDays and Jhb Training Class

I will be co-presenting with Ahmed Salijee at TechDays in Durban, Johannesburg and Cape Town (12, 16 and 19 Oct respectively). Check out the website for details on exact dates and venues – there is tons of new stuff to show off, so this is going to be a really exciting event!

Lab Management: Configuring Workgroup Lab Machines to a TFS on a Domain

I’ve installed Windows 8 on my laptop, enabled HyperV and upgraded my TFS from 2010 to 2012. Since Lab Management 2012 introduced Standard Environments, I can use my HyperV machines in lab environments right out of Windows 8. However, while I was configuring my lab, I ran into a problem. My laptop is on my work domain, and my lab machines (running on HyperV) are not joined to the domain – they’re in a workgroup.

Upgrading MSF Agile 5.0 to MSF Agile 6.0: Why does my velocity chart not work?

So you’ve just upgraded your TFS 2010 server to TFS 2012. And you’ve been using the MSF Agile 5.0 process template. When you open the Web Access webpage, you get a message saying that some features need to be enabled, and you click the link and it “upgrades” your process template so that the Backlogs and Boards work in Web Access. All looks good.

Unit Testing Javascript in VS 2012

You’re a responsible developer – you write code, and then you write tests (or, perhaps you even write tests and then write code?). You also love good, solid frameworks that separate concerns and utilize dependency injection and inversion of control and all of that good stuff – you’re using MVC for your web applications.


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