Integrating TFS and Project Server – Two Way Manual Sync

I often do road-shows showing off TFS and VS to customers around South Africa. Usually I’m doing this with Ahmed Salijee, the Developer Platform Specialist (DPS) for Developer Tools in Microsoft South Africa. Ahmed is an amazing speaker (we’ve co-presented regularly) and is great at helping customers at a strategic level – and, as he likes to say, for his sins, he gets to help customers with their licensing queries!

Fix: Release Management “Service Unavailable 503”

At a customer we installed Release Management for their TFS 2013 TFS Server. The server component installation went really smoothly – however, it was only when we installed the Client that we realized that the Release Management service was not right – we kept getting a 503 Service Unavailable error. I opened IIS and could see that the Release Management application pool was stopped. I started the app pool, but it immediately shut down. We checked the event log and saw a few obscure error messages about NullReferenceExceptions – nothing particularly helpful.

WebDeploy and Release Management – The Proper Way

I’ve just completed recording a Release Management webcast (more on Imaginet’s Visual Studio webcasts here). While doing the webcast, I wanted to show how you can use tokens which Release Management can substitute during the Release Workflow. Brian Keller suggests a .token file (basically an exact copy of your web.config file except that you use tokens instead of values) in his Release Management hands on lab, but I hate having to keep 2 copies of the same file around.


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