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We’ve got some TypeScript models for our web frontend. If you’re doing any enterprise JavaScript development, then TypeScript is a must. It’s much more maintainable and even gives you some compile-time checking. Even though TypeScript is a subset of JavaScript, you still need to “compile” the TypeScript into regular JavaScript for your files to be used in a web application. Visual Studio 2013 ...
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I’m back to doing some dev again – for a real-life, going-to-charge-for application! It’s great to be based from home again and to be on some very cutting edge dev. I’m very comfortable with ASP.NET MVC, but this project is the first Nancy project I’ve worked on. We’re also using Git on VSO for source control and backlogs, MyGet to host internal NuGet packages, Octopus deploy for deployment,
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Over the last couple of months I’ve done several implementations and upgrades of TFS 2013. Most organizations I work with are not developing boxed software – they’re developing websites or apps for business. The major difference is that boxed software often has more than one version of a product “in production” – some customers will be on version 1.0 while others will be on version 2.0 and so on. ...
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I’ve started to experiment a bit with some PowerShell DSC – mostly because it’s now supported in Release Management (in Update 3 CTP at least). Sometimes when you apply a configuration to a node (machine), the node requires a reboot (for example adding .NET4.5 requires the node to reboot). You can configure the node to reboot immediately (instead of just telling you “a reboot is required”) by ...