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Recently I received some criticism from a customer. Sometimes I find it difficult to process criticism – I justify or argue or dismiss. Some of that is my personality – I like to be right! Part of that is the fact that I strive for excellence, so when I’m told I missed the mark, it can feel like I’m being told I’m a failure. You, dear reader, probably strive for perfection – but let’s face ...
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This post was originally posted on our Northwest Cadence blog – but I feel it’s a really important post, so I’m cross-posting it here! I recently worked at a customer that had created a DevOps team in addition to their Ops and Development teams. While I appreciated the attempt to improve their processes, inwardly I was horrified. Just as DevOps is not a product, I think it is bad practice to ...
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TFS 2015 has almost reached RTM! If you upgrade to CTP2, you’ll see a ton of new features, not least of which are significant backlog and board improvements, the identity control, Team Project rename, expanded features for Basic users, the new Build Engine, PRs and policies for Git repos and more. Because of the schema changes required for Team Project rename, this update can take a while. If you ...
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Last week I posted about how to integrate TFS and Project Server “manually”. In the post I did put in a bit of philosophy about why I think project plans can be a Bad Thing. Prasanna Adavi posted a thoughtful comment on my philosophy, and I wanted to reply just as thoughtfully, so I decided to add the reply as a new post rather than just reply to the comments inline. Here is Prasanna’s comment: ...